Rules Corner #3

It’s time to have a look at water hazards, so let’s play a couple of holes with Mark Mostyn!

Scenario 5Mark tees off at the 2nd, and is virtually certain that his ‘power fade’ takes his ball (M) into the hazard down the right. If he can’t find/play it, what are his options?

The rules tell us (Rule 26-1 on page 113) that Mark, with a one stroke penalty, has 3 options: replay his shot (from the tee in this case); OR play on the line from the pin to his point of entry (A), going back as far as he likes (the dotted line); OR, because it’s a lateral hazard with red stakes, drop within 2 club lengths of A or B, no closer to the hole. Make sure that your marker agrees with you about the point of entry, A.

Mark chooses to go back on the line and drops his ball at F, a flat spot in the fairway. He prefers his lie (of course, it’s Springwood), plays his third to just short of the creek, puts a 9 iron close and sinks the putt for a par! Well done.


Scenario 6Mark pars the 3rd with a sand-save from the bunker. But on the 4th, he opens his shoulders and the ‘power fade’ kicks in again. The ball (M1) flies over the trees and the shed, maybe heading for the same hazard he was in on the 2nd. He elects to play a ball provisionally under Rule 26-1 (M2); to the middle of the fairway (can you buy a box of ‘provisionals’ on line?). As he searches for his first, what are Mark’s options?

The rules tell us (Appendix 1 Part A, 5 on page 151) that if he finds M1 out of the hazard, he must play it. If he finds it in the hazard, then he either plays it as it lies (which will be his 2ndshot) or plays his provisional M2 (which will be his 4th shot). He cannot take relief from the hazard as he did on the 2nd, as he has no point of entry, and the replay option is his provisional! If he can’t find M1, he must continue playing M2 (which will be his 4th shot).

Mark finds it in the creek but can’t play it, so he proceeds with his provisional. After another good 9 iron, he sinks the putt for a 5. A good bogey!